Yard Foreman

Date Posted: 11/09/2019
Rate of Pay: £65,000 Per Annum
Location: Saudi Arabia

Job Description

To manage, direct and coordinate the work of a Shunting Team in performance of complex shunting movements. Direct staff to carry out train marshalling within Yard in a safe and proficient manner.  Ensure that all trains presented to the railway network meet all the requirements of operational standards and the Operations Rule Book.

Main Responsbilities:

  •   Liaise between the Yard Supervisor and shunt team leader for efficient and safe train preparation and shunting
  • Assist the Yard Supervisor in the effective, safe management of operational staff
  • Provide details of train delay & compile reports on performance as required
  • Delivery of operational standards by confirming staff adherence to rules and policies
  • Ensure train inspection documentation and ensure all documents are accurate and signed
  • Maintain knowledge, and adhere to at all times, Procedures, Work Instructions and Protocols including Operating Rule Book instructions
  • Provide analysis on train performance and delivery of effective reporting of any train delay
  • Deliver efficiencies through effective and impartial management of operational staff
  • Completes accident and incident reports accurately at the end of scheduled shift
  • Wear PPE at all times when on duty and remain vigilant at all times
  • Ensure Safety Critical Communications are followed within the shunt team as prescribed
  • Promote a positive safety culture and assist with delivery of operational standards
  • Report all unsafe operations or conditions in written format to the appropriate line manager
  • Work unusual hours, split shifts, weekends, holidays, and overtime as required
  • Pass hands-on proficiency tests / assessments as required to confirm competence
  • If required, undertake shunting duties, including Local Field Operating Panel, in the prescribed manner as determined

Communications and Working Relationships:

  • Internal: Yard Foreman, Yard Supervisor Shunt Driver, Plant and Facility Staff
  • External: Communicating with OCC and RSM

Frameworks, Boundaries and Decision Making Authority:

  • Current Operating Rule Book, standards, Local Working Instructions and Protocols
  • Must be physically fit (to comply with Medical Fitness Requirement For Safety Critical Staff).
  • Part of the Continuous Assessment and Improvement Programmes
  • All decisions are to be confirmed by the Yard Foreman

Qualifications NeededL

  • Hold and produce a KSA driving licence before undertaking any vehicle driving duties
  • Excellent English Language to level IELTS 5.5 or greater
  • Minimum: diploma in relevant field or greater in relevant speciality

Experience and Attributes:

  • Essential: Self-Motivated, good team player, able to converse in English, comitted and professional
  • Preferable: 2 years shunting experience with a freight railway

If you are interested please send Laura a copy of your CV or call her on the Ipswich office landline.

We look forward to hearin from you shortly.

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